Atena Amiryaghoobi


Caring, loyal and outspoken - Atena loves to help others and contribute to their lives in a positive way.

Atena Amiryaghoobi at Paperclip Law
Atena Amiryaghoobi at Paperclip Law

A love for Law

Atena has always had a love for Law. After discovering the Paralegal program at Capilano University, she applied, aced her interview, and the rest is history. In her current work life, Atena draws inspiration from her past professors, who supported her and helped her love what she does. As a new face at Paperclip Law, Atena brings her thoroughness and her fine eye for detail to the team.

When she’s not at Paperclip, Atena loves everything from cooking, baking, and concerts, to hitting the beautiful trails of BC with her hammock.