Mikaela Karram


Mikaela supports the Paperclip Law team with community engagement.

Mikaela Karram at Paperclip Law
Mikaela Karram at Paperclip Law

Engaging communities

Mikaela is a fifth generation North Vancouverite and studied Marketing, Business Administration and Legal Administration.            

Mikaela inherited the adventurous spirit of her great-grandparents. She loves taking her dog for walks in the forest, meeting friends for hockey games, going to big family dinners, and having her soul restored in Whistler.

She started Pay It Forward Gear in 2015 because she loves giving back to the community and brightening people's days with the Scatter Kindness cards she created.

She also used to volunteer to teach children how to skate. It’s been a couple of years since then, and she's planning to get back to doing that.