Wendy Parliament

Senior Paralegal

Wendy combines her legal and business experience at Paperclip Law

Wendy Parliament at Paperclip Law
Wendy Parliament at Paperclip Law

From business operations to law

Wendy has spent the majority of her working career embedded in various Vancouver law firms, assisting with all aspects of business operations. During this time, she was involved in diverse areas, such as appointment as a Commissioner for Taking Affidavits in BC, and presenting on corporate matters at Continuing Legal Education seminars. She has recent experience working in a paralegal capacity in a family-owned group of local operating entities, which expanded her knowledge of business operations, as well as provided her with a view of both sides of the client file. Wendy's impeccable organizational skills allow her to work on business transactions and help the client "get it done" as easily and efficiently as possible. Her outgoing, reliable nature keeps things rolling and clients feeling as though their files are well-taken care of.

When she's not at Paperclip, Wendy enjoys hiking, sailing, cycling and travelling, all the while staying focused on health and wellness. To balance all that activity, she appreciates lots of downtime with her friends and family.